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#4: Digital Nomad Visas

September 02, 2020 English Teacher Caroline Episode 4
English News Pod
#4: Digital Nomad Visas
Show Notes

Episode 4: Today's news in English will look at the new remote/digital nomad visas being introduced by countries around the world. Look below for a full transcript:  


Hello my beautiful students and welcome back to English News Pod, the best way for you to learn practical English through the news. I’m your host and teacher, Caroline. 

Now, let’s take a look at today’s top news. You can find a full transcript of this podcast episode in the description. 

Do you want to work abroad but like the job you currently have? Well, some countries are making it easier to obtain visas for remote work, particularly in the wake of COVID-19. Bermuda, Barbados, Georgia, Mexico, and Estonia have each recently released visa programs targeted for remote workers and self employed digital nomads. This follows a recent trend of many European countries offering visas for entrepreneurs and freelancers. So, if you’re interested in working abroad remotely, be sure to research the income requirements and duration for each of the different programs.   

Let’s take a look at some grammar:

  1. “In the wake of” - “in the wake of + something” is a phrase we use to describe when a smaller event is happening at the same time as a larger event. In this example, we are talking about the release of the new visas (the small event), happening during the coronavirus pandemic (the big event).
  2. Remote workers - remote workers, or working remotely, means to be able to work from anywhere in the world through your computer. 
  3. Digital nomads - digital nomads are remote workers who use their remote lifestyle to travel often and live in exotic and inexpensive places - most popularly Thailand and Bali. 
  4. Trend - a trend is a pattern. For example, the new visa programs are part of “a recent trend, or pattern, of many European countries also offering visas for entrepreneurs and freelancers.”
  5. Income - income is the amount of money you make from working. You will usually see this amount described as before tax or after tax
  6. Requirement - a requirement is a condition you HAVE to meet before you can apply for something. For example, you might need to make a certain amount of money, or income, to apply for a digital nomad visa. 

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Thanks for listening, and I will see you soon for more news in English!

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