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#3: Chadwick Boseman’s Final Tweet

August 31, 2020 English Teacher Caroline Episode 3
English News Pod
#3: Chadwick Boseman’s Final Tweet
Show Notes

Episode 3: Today's news in English will look at Twitter's tribute to the death of Black Panther star, Chadwick Boseman. Boseman's final tweet is now the most-liked tweet ever on Twitter. Look below for a full transcript:  


Hello my beautiful students and welcome back to English News Pod, the best way for you to learn practical English through news - on the go. I’m your host and teacher, Caroline. 

Now, let’s take a look at today’s top news. You can find a full transcript of this podcast episode in the description. 

Social media platform, Twitter, has confirmed that beloved actor Chadwick Boseman’s final tweet is the most-liked Tweet ever. Twitter shared a tweet saying, “A tribute fit for a King #WakandaForever.” Sadly, Boseman passed away a few days ago on August 28 due to cancer. Boseman was best known for his role in the 2018 Marvel film, Black Panther. He played the king of the imaginary kingdom of Wakanda. The film had an almost entirely black cast, marking an important cultural milestone that has inspired children and adults around the world.

Let’s take a look at some grammar:

  1. Beloved - the word beloved means to be loved by many people. So, when we say, “beloved actor Chadwick Boseman,” it means that Chadwick Boseman is loved by a lot of people.
  2. Tribute - when someone tributes, they are making a large statement or giving a large gift to show respect to someone else. For example, Twitter shared a tweet saying, “A tribute fit for a King”. In this case, Twitter’s tweet about Chadwick is actually Twitter’s tribute to Chadwick.
  3. Passed away - a nice and gentle way to saying that someone died.
  4. Role - a role is the part an actor is in charge of in a movie, tv show, or play. You will often hear it used with the verb ‘to play’. For example, “He played the King”. Meaning that Boseman’s character in the movie was the king.
  5. Cast - the cast is all of the actors in a movie, tv show, or play. For example, "Black Panther had an almost entirely black cast."
  6. Milestone - the word milestone 2 meanings: the first is a stone next to the road used to mark distance. But in this context, we are using it as an event marking a big change in life. In this case, the film "marked an important cultural milestone" because its cast was almost entirely black. 

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